• North Star Peer Mentoring matches incoming freshman and transfer students with upper class students. Mentors are an invaluable resource during students' transition to college life. Mentors receive training from the CSU Counseling Center and are eligible to receive academic credit. Call NACC at 491-1332 for questions concerning peer mentoring.(view photos)  - Supported by the John and Sophie Ottens Foundation

    Please see our mentor application and syllabus for more details.
  • K-12 STEM Outreach consists of the NACC staff and students visiting Native American communities on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation, Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Navajo Nation, and Pine Ridge Reservation. The partnership with the Physics Department's Little Shop of Physics promotes the importance of science and education to Native youth and their communities.  (view photos) - Supported by the John and Sophie Ottens Foundation
  • Native American Heritage Month is held during November, and is nationally-recognized as a month to celebrate Native Americans; past, present, and future. NACC provides awareness to the campus through movies, lectures, and other activities during this time. (view photos)
  • The Native American Women's Circle was created to enhance social, group, individual, and cultural support for the women of the Native American Cultural Center. The education and cultural support programs are designed to reflect the importance of Native culture while encompassing the role of being a woman. The group invites guest speakers, takes field trips, and shares materials about traditions, cultural practices, and current women's issues. (view photos) - Supported by the John and Sophie Ottens Foundation
  • Traditional Honoring of Graduates. Every year NACC holds a reception to honor their Native graduates. Each graduate is presented with a Pendleton blanket of their choice. They are also honored with a song by "Ram Nation" Drum Group and enlightened with a speech by a chosen CSU alumnus. (view photos)
  • Indigenous Reader is a newsletter published by Native American Cultural Center. It offers information about scholarships, meetings and activities of interest to Native American students and community members.
  • Tribal Scholarship Information and applications are available for all interested students. NACC serves as a liaison between students, tribes, and Colorado State University.
  • Our Resource Library houses Native American books, films, periodicals and newspapers such as Navajo Times and Indian Country Today for research or general reference and reading. - Supported by the John and Sophie Ottens Foundation
  • Our Job Placement Resource File/ Internships lists job opportunities throughout the United States for various fields of study.